Thursday, 13 September 2018

How to ship chocolates

Cold weather is always ideal for shipping chocolate for longer distances. However, during summer, people and firms have to look for alternative means of keeping their valuables safer and for longer.

Important Rules

Know the melting point
The melting point for chocolates is closer to the body temperature. Therefore, one shipping them, make sure that you avoid body contact. On the other hand, ganaches melt at room temperature. This means that ganaches have a lower melting temperature compared to the chocolate. Therefore, it is always safer to research on the melting temperature and come up with the best cooling needed.

Keep it Cold
When you keep the chocolate cold for long, it will stay colder longer. Therefore, always make sure that you refrigerate the goodies until it is time to transport them to the market.

Materials Required
To make sure that the chocolates stay cool for a more extended period, the following elements are needed. A box, cold packs, kraft paper, and Bubble-Wrap mylar. The box should be about three times the size of the gift that you indent to send. The extra space caters for bad shipment that may arise along the way. On the other hand, the silver colored wraps aid in deflecting the heat thereby keeping the chocolate colder for longer.

Cold packs are the most crucial material for transportation of the chocolate safely. Therefore, a keen estimation of the same is needed when choosing the amount required. Therefore, to better understand this, the transporter needs to know the size of the packaging box. The bigger the package, the more the cold packs one needs. For instance, with a small box that measures about (9X6X4), one might need one packet of the cold packs. Therefore, from the size, one might quickly get the right amount of cold packs.

Furthermore, always ensure that there is additional packaging material. The extra equipment may be the bubble wrap or the Kraft paper as well. The other stuff is to make sure that the candy box is stable.

The packaging procedure
Once you have all your wrapping material, ensure that you alias with your carrier to ensure that you are there before time elapses. Knowing of the last pick-up ensures that you don’t miss the delivery and also that the goodies stay in the cold room for long before the right time for shipment.

  • Start by building your shipment box
  • Then make sure that you tape all the seems to slow air entering/leaving the table
  • Measure that you measure the right amount of mylar to be placed on the bottom of the box.
  • Remove the candy boxes out of the cold storage facility
  • Wrap the ice pack around the cold box.
  • Then stack the chocolate box with the ice pack and wrap it thoroughly with the mylar
  • Sack the candy boxes as you would a gift making sure that you tape the ends well enough to insulate.
  • Add the padding material to the bottom of the box
  • Add more chocolate package
  • The gaps left behind may be filled with the packaging material.
  • The top of the package may need additional mylar packaging
  • Lastly, close the container tightly by making sure that the chocolate is safe and ship it.

Done the right way, the package should arrive safely and with no harm.

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